We love TV !
At NWP we have a rich tradition in television. Most of the NWP family started their illustrious careers in telly and we have the credits and the awards to prove it. We understand this medium and we love it.


Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production - OFFLINE, ONLINE and SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO. Using our expertise in TV, Brand and Commercials ensures your message is what ends up on screen, whether its TV, PC or mobile screens. Unlike many of our rivals we have everything in house so we are extremely competitive.


DIT & Archiving

Knowing that your media is intact and consistent is a priority for any type of production. At NWP we strive to deliver this level of security that you and your insurance requires. We are fully equipped to work in a range of conditions and scenarios and have solutions suitable for any type of production.


Video Production

From Anywhere to Everywhere
Video production has changed and NWP leads the way. We work on all types of video including Social media and Online video, Prime Time TV, Event coverage, Drama and Brand Films. Our clients include Sky TV, ITV, Wordpress, LMD, Teenage Cancer Trust, Vodafone and Microsoft.
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Live Streaming

Live streaming and webcasting means we are able to watch what we want, as it happens or when it suits us. NWP Live makes the whole process easy for you with Live Webcasting or streaming of events including sport, fashion, red carpets, music performances and brand launches. We stream into social media including Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Google Hangouts and Twitter. You can even make this fully interactive so your audience can ask questions, participate and share.
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Outside Broadcast

NWP Live makes covering any event easy. Our OB & PPU's are unbelievably cost effective and our Stream Team are experts in live delivery for Broadcasters, Brands and Agencies. Scaleable solutions, both OB Vans & PPU's take up to 8 cameras with record, replay, talkback and audio. Our Edit and Ingest vans enable you to edit live and instantly upload to social media during the event.
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